Rnd2 Results EJM Preparation Club Championshi

1st Russ and Wendy Mason
2nd Peter Machin and Cliff Porter
3rd Mart Thomas and Claire Silk
4th Nigel Fox and Steve Kedrick
5th Tony Brown and Steve Brown
6th Pippa Young and Charlie Mason
7th Cyril Loman and Kevin Nugent
8th Edward James and Desi Hands
9th Miles Chamberlain and Andy Allen

Thanks to all those that took part and to the organising team

25th March, 2014

Rnd2 EJM Preparation Club Championship 2014

2014 EJM Preparation Treasure Hunt club championship

Second round of the club championship to be held on Monday 17th March 2014
12 cars only event
First car away at 19:30. Sign on 19:00 hrs
You will need map 151 and usual nav equipment
There will be a tulip book and tutorials available for people needing extra help.

See you at the start and finish venue at the Blue Boar B49 6NR

10th March, 2014

Results Rnd1 EJM Preparation 2014Championship

Adrian Jelfs Memorial Treasure Hunt 2014
1st Derek & Nick .......60 ..15pts
2nd Cyril & Kevin ......75 ..12pts
3rd Desi and ED...... 150 .10pts
4th Miles & Luke. .....205.. 9pts
5th Anita & John...... 245.. 8pts
6th Russ & Charlie .. 280... 7pts
7th Martin Claire .....315.. 6pts
8th Piippa & Cathy...1165 ..5pts
9th Tony & Steve ..1180.... 4pts

5th March, 2014

Nigel and Chris on the Wyedean

Nigel Fox and Chris Lear successfully completed their 4th rally this weekend in their Nissan Micra Kit Car. However, with wet and windy conditions, an engine that was significantly down on power and damage to the car on Special Stage 3, the event was perhaps the duo?s biggest challenge so far in their rallying careers.

After finishing their first season in rallying by tackling some of Wales? classic World Championship stages on the Cambrian Rally last October, Fox and Lear spent Stage 1 becoming re-accustomed to their Micra rally car, having not driven at competitive speeds for almost 4 months. In addition, unexpected complications after making some repairs to the engine had resulted in a sudden change from the powerful kit car engine to a standard 1.3 litre road car engine in the week before the event. Despite this, Stage 2 saw Fox deliver the best performance of his rallying career to date, but only after an MG ZR hit a tree resulting in a one hour delay, with an ambulance being called to the scene. Now with renewed vigour and confidence after the unscheduled break, it looked as though Fox?s performance would ensure a solid result. In Stage 3 though, disaster appeared to have struck and it seemed the event would be dramatically cut short for the pair.

4 corners from the end of Stage 3, Fox?s progress was halted as Lear slowed down his team-mate because of an expected puncture on the right rear tyre. After a close inspection at the end of the stage however, Lear identified that an underbody guard for the rear suspension had come adrift, bent itself under the car and was scraping along the ground. Before this though, an official believed the damage to be more serious and was about to force Fox and Lear to retire from the event. Fortunately, Lear?s quick-thinking meant the issue was resolved with the pair then enduring the loud and irritating noise of the guard scraping on the road to Stage 4. During Stage 4 the offending guard snapped off completely but, as the Service Halt followed, the team from EJM Preparation were able to affect some temporary repairs.

Stage 5 was thankfully uneventful, whilst the particularly exciting 14 mile Speech House stage was the highlight of the afternoon. The drama wasn?t over though; there was another scare as the Micra engine cut out at the finish of the Speech House stage. The engine reluctantly re-started, but remained a cause of concern for Fox and Lear as it refused to run smoothly on the final two road sections and during ?Serridge?, the final stage of the rally.

The Wyedean Forest Rally proved to be as demanding as its reputation would suggest. 42 teams retired in total, but Fox and Lear battled through to be rewarded with an 86th place finish out of a large entry of 135 starters ? an excellent result for the first event of the 2014 season.

Nigel Fox and Chris Lear are members of Redditch & District Car Club, a local RAC Motor Sports Association affiliated Club for Warwickshire and Worcestershire. For more information, log on to

26th February, 2014

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