TelXL Forward only Autotest October 11th 2014

On October the 11th 2014 we will be promoting an Forward Only Autotest

The event will consist of five classes as follows:

a. 2 WD Production cars and sports cars up to 1400cc
b. 2 WD Production cars and sports cars 1401cc to 1800cc
c. 2 WD Production cars and sports cars over 1800cc
d. Production cars and Sports Cars not in above, including all 4 wheel drive cars, supercharged and turocharged.
e. Specials

8th September, 2014

Rnd 4 EJM Preparation Championship 2014

The 4th round of the EJM Preparation Championship Treasure Hunt will be held on Monday the 15th September.

The Start will be from EJM Preparations Premises in Alcester (map ref: 150-097588)
Finish at the Blue Boar

Maps 139 150 and 151 will be needed

Signing on is from 6.30pm
First car away at 7.30pm

Help will be available if needed.
See you there,

Pippa and Charlie
Event Organisers

8th September, 2014

Marshalling Request

Marshall Requests Please

Woodpecker Stages - August 30th in the Ludlow area, we will be running both a Stop and an Arrivals / Start Control and will need six to eight volunteers. This is a stage that is being run twice so we won't have to move between stages.

HERO Throckmorton - October 4th near Pershore, we will be running one of the Tests on the airfield and need about eight (or more) volunteers.

If you can help please let Tony Brown know by email or text, or 07971 589259, Thanks.

Cheers .... Tony

6th August, 2014

Dates for EJM Preparation Treasure Hunts

Dates For the EJM Preparation Treasure Hunts

15th Sept 2014
27th October 2014
24th November 2014

1st August, 2014

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