Result Rnd 2 EJM Preparation Championship 201

Results for Rnd2 EJM Preparation Championship
15pts-------------------1. Steve and Tony------15 points
12pts-------------------2.Derek and Josh-------45 points ( more code boards)
10pts-------------------3 Nick and Pipa---------45 points
9Pts--------------------4Cathy and Nigel--------60.points
8Pts--------------------5 Russ and Wendy------75 points

thanks to all Participants Ross Peter and Mary

25th March, 2015

Rnd 2 EJM Preparation Championship 2015

Round 2 of the EJM Preparation Treasure Hunt will be on Monday March 16th 2015

Start and Finish at the Blue Boar Binton
Maps 150 and 151
First car away at 19:30 hrs

19th February, 2015

TelXL Forward only Auto Tests's 2015

Pleased to announce the Dates of the TelXL forward only autotests for 2015

June 13th 2015
September 26th 2015

to be held at Throckmorton airfield

19th February, 2015

Adrian Jelfs Memorial night navigation 16 Feb

Adrian Jelfs Memorial Treasure Hunt is on Monday 16th February 2015

Start and Finish at the Blue Boar, Binton

First Car away at 19:30hrs
On Maps 150 and 151

11th February, 2015

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