EJM Preparation Treasurehunt Results – 2nd Round

Well it was tough at the top with perfect route adherence and tie break answer, just one clue response separated first & second ?..

1st Russ & Wendy 30 Penalties
2nd Anita & John 45 Penalties
3rd Nick & Pippa 90 Penalties
4th Derek & Josh 125 Penalties
5th Peter & Cliff 145 Penalties
6th Chloe & David 195 Penalties
7th Cathy & Cyril 210 Penalties
8th Phil & Ross 275 Penalties
9th Andi & Louis 335 Penalties
10th Charlie & Jack DNF

The Overall Championship points have been updated and will be published shortly when audited.

Thanks again for a splendid turnout,
Tony & Steve, Mart & Miles

HERO Urgent Marshal Request

HERO are urgently looking for Marshal help. They require 6-8 people to run a trial at Throckmorton on 18th June – on site by 8,.50 am and should finish around lunchtime.
Please contact Tony Brown if you are able to help.