Redditch and District Car Club is a Member of two Motor Sports Associations (the Association of West Midlands Motor Clubs (AWMMC) and The Welsh Association of Motor Clubs (WAMC) that act as the first port of call for anyone starting in the sport and which provide support and guidance to its Member clubs. 

We are a warm and approachable mixture of motor sport enthusiasts who participate in all aspects of the sport from competing to marshalling.  We meet alternate Monday evenings at The Binton Club, Binton CV37 9TU at 7.30 pm (see Calendar).

The Club is run by Members, for Members.  We believe in organising events, both competitive and social for our Members and Junior Members to take part in.  We hold a Treasure Hunt Championship, and two Autosolo events per year.  We organise quiz nights; Scalextric competitions; Table Top Navigation events and other social events.  We seek to involve ourselves in the wider community.  We have an Annual Awards Presentation Dinner with a guest speaker.

The Club now has more than 70 active Members.  2015 saw a major step forward with the enrolment of some Junior Members (14 to 17 years old).  We believe it is vital to encourage the younger generation to take part in Motor Sport to ensure its future.   We have been able to integrate the Juniors into our events, such as Autosolos.  In accordance with the Motorsport UK's under 18’s guidelines we have a Child Safeguarding Officer on Committee.  The Juniors can also take part in the Treasure Hunt Championship which is designed as a tool to encourage Members to have a better understanding and knowledge of navigation and map reading which we feel is the necessary basis for any good navigator.  




Redditch and District Car Club is thought to have been founded in about 1953/54 by a group of Austin Engineering Apprentices, including Tony Warburton, Max Whetton, and others.  If you have any further information, Wendy Mason, the  clubs Communications Officer would welcome any knowledge you can contribute that would enable us to trace the history of the club.