RDCC Valentines Treasure Hunt Results

Results of the Special Event RDCC Valentines Treasure Hunt (14th February)Driver / Navigator 1ST – Chloe Browning / Dave FletcherJoint 2ND – Derek Wilkins / Nick WilkinsJoint 2ND – Charlie Mason / Jack Mason3RD – Peter Machin / Mart Thomas4TH – Russ Mason / Wendy Mason5TH – Miles Chamberlain / Lisa

Results of the RDCC Treasure Hunt Championship – Round One

Confirmation of results from last nights’ Treasure Hunt: 1st –       David Fletcher and Chloe Browning=2nd –  Nick Wilkins and Derek Wilkins, Russ Mason and Wendy Mason4th –     Mart Thomas and Peter WM Machin5th –     Phil Newth and Ross Clements  Thank you to Charlie Mason and Jack Mason for a great event. Keep the brains in gear for two weeks’ time for the Russell Brookes Memorial Rally organised … Read more

Results of the EJM Preparation Adrian Jelfs Memorial Treasure Hunt – 2nd March

Results from the EJM Preparation Treasure Hunt Championship – First Round – Adrian Jelfs Memorial Event 1st. Russ Mason, Wendy Mason2nd Charlie Mason, Jack Mason3rd Peter WM Machin, Mart Thomas4th Miles Chamberlain, Andy Allen5th Sophie Curtis, Helen Hutchinson, Sharon Lisa Hudson-Harrison6th Ross Clements, Phil Newth Message from Fred – Hope you all enjoyed, big thanks to fellow organisers David Fletcher, Grant R Victory, Chloe Browning and marshals Cyril Loman and … Read more