Results of the RDCC Treasure Hunt Championship – Round One

Confirmation of results from last nights’ Treasure Hunt:
1st –       David Fletcher and Chloe Browning
=2nd –  Nick Wilkins and Derek Wilkins, Russ Mason and Wendy Mason
4th –     Mart Thomas and Peter WM Machin
5th –     Phil Newth and Ross Clements
Thank you to Charlie Mason and Jack Mason for a great event. Keep the brains in gear for two weeks’ time for the Russell Brookes Memorial Rally organised by Peter WM Machin and Mary Machin.

Results of the EJM Preparation Adrian Jelfs Memorial Treasure Hunt – 2nd March

Results from the EJM Preparation Treasure Hunt Championship – First Round – Adrian Jelfs Memorial Event

1st. Russ Mason, Wendy Mason
2nd Charlie Mason, Jack Mason
3rd Peter WM Machin, Mart Thomas
4th Miles Chamberlain, Andy Allen
5th Sophie Curtis, Helen Hutchinson, Sharon Lisa Hudson-Harrison
6th Ross Clements, Phil Newth

Message from Fred – Hope you all enjoyed, big thanks to fellow organisers David Fletcher, Grant R Victory, Chloe Browning and marshals Cyril Loman and Catherine Denyer

Results of The EJM Preparation ‘Ultimate’ Fun Charity Treasure Hunt – Held on 30th December

The results of the EJM Preparation ‘Ultimate’ Fun Charity Treasure Hunt are as follows:

  1. Chloe and Dave
  2. Derek andNick
  3. Peter and Mart
  4. Miles and Lisa
  5. = Charlie and Jack and Wendy and Russ
  6. Paul and Kerry
  7. Grant and Dave

    The Prize to be given at club dinner

Many thanks to Ed James at EJM Preparation for sponsoring the event and to Phil Newth and Ross Clements for organising, along with Cathy Denyer for Marshalling.  All proceeds to the Midlands Air Ambulance service.

Results of the 6th and Final Round of the EJM Preparation Treasure Hunt Championship

Results of Round 6 of the Treasure Hunt Championship are as follows:

1st Derek Wilkins Nick Wilkins
2nd Chloe Browning David Fletcher
3rd Russ Mason Wendy Mason
4th Jack Mason Charlie Mason
5th Sophie Curtis Sharon Lisa Hudson-Harrison Helen Hutchinson
Joint 6th Mart Thomas Peter WM Machin
Joint 6th Grant R Victory David Smith
8th Phil Newth Ross Clements Catherine Denyer
9th Miles Chamberlain Lisa Parry


Well done everyone and a big thanks to Fred and Colin for a great final event.  Christmas fun Treasure Hunt event will be created shortly!

New Committee Elected

Your new Committee as voted in last night (Monday 14th January2019)

Chairman – Ross Clements
Vice Chairman – Peter Machin
Secretary – Catherine Denyer
Competition Secretary – Peter Machin
Membership Secretary – Mart Thomas
Treasurer – Rebecca Sheppard
Media/Communications – Wendy Mason 
Chief Marshal – Catherine Denyer
Safeuarding Officer – Russ Mason
Lavender Run – Sophie Curtis
Committee Members – Fred Coleman, Phil Newth, Nigel Fox (AutoTests), Nick Wilkins

I am sure you will join me in welcoming the new Committee Members and wishing those that have new or changed roles all the best for 2019.

On behalf of the 2019 and 2018 Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing Chairman, Edward James for all the hard work he has put in over his years in the Club and on Committee. We wish him all the best for a happy and prosperous 2019 and hope to see him out competing very soon. We will miss him on Committee, but very much hope to still see him at Club often.

The first Committee Meeting will be held on Monday 21st January 2019 – details will follow by email.